Welcome to the Art of Massage where the spiritual aspect of gentle touch meets the stimulating modality of healing massage. You have discovered a sanctity of total relaxation, tension relief and exhilarating rejuvenation. 

Such techniques as Ayurvedic and traditional massage can improve immune function, ease muscle tension and improve mindset and overall health. While dissolving worries and anxiety, increasing blood flow and reducing cortisol (the stress hormone), healing  massage can increase your feelings of relaxation and bonding. 

Every session begins with a consultation followed by instructions for your chosen massage technique. As a holistic practitioner, use of a trusting touch transfers my positive energy to renew the body, enrich the mind and energize the soul through a transformational massage experience.  

For a brief consultation to decide which massage is right for you, please Connect With Me today. I look forward to a trusted and healing experience. May peace be with you.