“I feel that Eric understands my body and is able to deliver what I need. He is always able to work around my busy schedule.”

“I stand most of the day. Eric does such a great job of getting out all of the knots.” Diane, business owner

“Eric was very polite. He gave a very good massage to my wife. He was respectful of boundaries and I recommend him. He offers a mobile service and is someone that you can feel safe around.” Dan, husband of Jennifer

There is a reason why you have arrived. Is it relaxation, wellness or intimate awakening that you seek? Perhaps a stressful lifestyle has gotten the best of you. I am here to help restore your good health. 

More than ten years ago, I began studying Thai massage in San Francisco and Santa Cruz, California.  It became a spiritually healing practice as the power of touch imparts a deeper sense of connectedness and well being. Calming the mind through deep breathing techniques and affirmations of music, prayer and positive thoughts are a part of my sacred routine during every session.  

An American citizen of Spanish and French descent, my ancestors instilled in me the importance of connecting with the universe along with a compassionate awareness of the needs of others. Life’s journey has led me to embrace a higher power which plays an essential role in the human process of healing and empowerment.  

My history includes a background in extensive fitness training as well as nutrition and wellness education. Under the guidance of Butoku-Kai martial arts expert Rod Stanford from Santa Cruz, California, I acquired a black belt in Karate. I also trained under Bruce Lee students Larry Hartsell and Ted Wong. I am a trained expert in Krav Maga and an avid student of other martial arts disciplines. Daily practice of meditation and yoga provide balance, inner peace and harmony.