Sensual Massage 

Every woman deserves to be honored as a whole, breathing, sensual being. During a sensual massage where draping is not important and you are comfortable with nudity, your naturally erotic and sensual person is awakened. Enter another way of being where the breath is conscious during suspension in pleasure wherein the entire body is massaged. Release the need to be anywhere else by letting go of all expectations as you enjoy your body more and more during every passing moment. Experience how to receive as pleasure is promoted only by your trusted practitioner. Express the kind of touch that you desire while recognizing your own rhythm of pace and pressure of touch on different areas of your body. Take care of no one else during a sensual massage as you experience your entire body as an instrument of pleasure.  


What to Expect

You may be slightly nervous if this is your first time receiving a sensual massage. Your session will begin with a series of questions to determine your comfort level and address expectations. A 90-minute session is recommended to give yourself a chance to relax and enjoy. Candles and soft music will ease you into your session. Your entire body will be massaged, spoiled and pleased according to your boundaries. Be ready for a fascinating and titillating journey very different from therapeutic massage.